All About Me!

Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie! Most of you may know me from my Instagram page @madebymagic_designs!


I am a lover of all things Disney! Movies, parks, music… EVERYTHING! My parents brought a lot of Disney influence into my life at a very young age. I lived in Puerto Rico and my mom and I would sit and watch Disney movies all day long and would even dress me up as different Disney characters! When we moved to Florida, I was 6 years old and although we had visited Walt Disney world in the past, we were FINALLY Disney Annual Passholders for the first time! I guess you could say I was a lucky kid, because my grandma would pull me out of school early just to go to Disney World.

I was an Annual Passholder all the way until middle school. That’s when I started to dance competitively. My schedule got so busy that it was no longer worth it to be a WDW Annual Passholder. From that day all the way until college, I sort of lost the Disney magic in my life. My boyfriend (now husband) noticed how much I loved Disney and how much it meant to me and got me a WDW Annual Pass in early 2015! From that day, I started making Disney themed bows and eventually mouse ears!

Right after I got my Annual Pass, I opened an Etsy shop and started going to the parks to take photos of the bows and matching outfits. A year went by and more and more people wanted custom-made ears which led me to outgrow my small little Etsy shop!

This is when everything changed!

In 2015, there was a huge trend that would soon change my life! Disneybounding (a trend started by Leslie Kay) was brought up to my attention. I started putting outfits together, styling them to look similar to Disney characters, and matching them to my hair bows and mouse ears! I started posting Disney-styled outfits all over Facebook and Instagram and I was loving every moment of being called “trendy.” Later that Fall, we went to Dapper Day, an event that was rather small back in 2015! My boyfriend and I went to the event Disneybounding as Lilo and Stitch and our outfits were such a hit that we were getting stopped every couple of steps because everyone wanted their picture taken with us! I think that day was one of the most life changing days of my life! Not only was my dress, that I handmade from scratch, getting a lot of attention, but that was the same day I got engaged!


Our Lilo and stitch outfits got so much attention on social media, that we started putting together more and more Disney themed outfits and the rest is history!

Thank you for reading!

Much love,




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