2319! We’ve got a 2319!

We visited Monstropolis to see James P. Sullivan and Mike Wasowski and it did not disappoint!

IMG_6821 2

On an abnormally cold Florida day, we fought through the chilly air and got our butts to Hollywood Studios. Thankfully, Monstropolis was all indoors so I was able to wear my cute Sully Disneybound!



The moment I walked into the meet and greet, Sully was so excited that he started jumping up and down. Mike, on the other hand, was not all that impressed. He wanted to know why I didn’t dress like him instead! I told him he was on my Mouse ears… But he still wasn’t impressed, so he decided to steal the spotlight!


Although I spent little time in this outfit, it was worth it just for their reactions!


This Disneybound was extremely simple to assemble. I went on Amazon and found a dress that was a similar style to some of my other dresses and it was the PERFECT color! For the spots I used purple felt and cut them up in different sizes to look similar to Sully’s. I sewed it all together, added a purple waist belt that I also found on Amazon, and finished it up with the “Scary” Monster ears from my shop!

IMG_7486IMG_6743 3

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