A Galaxy Far Far Away….

I spent my morning as a very sweaty C-3PO on Batuu. After a long morning at the land, here are my thoughts on Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios:

C-3PO Disneybound on the opening day at Hollywood Studios.

On the opening day of Galaxy’s Edge, people were waiting outside of the theme park at 4am. Hollywood Studios was set to open at 6am for the grand opening and you would only be allowed to enter the new land by joining a boarding group. This was the same system used by Disneyland when their Galaxy’s Edge opened back in May. The only way to sign up for a boarding group is by entering the park, logging on to the My Disney Experience app, tapping “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — Status and Access”, and tapping “Join Boarding Group”. Once you have a number, you will be able to see what groups are allowed to enter the area. Each group has a two hour time frame to enter Galaxy’s Edge and once the two hours are over, you can stay inside Galaxy’s Edge for as long as you would like, but the moment you leave the land, you will need to get a new boarding pass to re-enter.

Millennium Falcon (Photo taken at Disneyland)

The day of the grand opening, we woke up and got to Hollywood Studios right around 6am. The moment we stepped in to the park, we were able to join a boarding group! Lucky us! We were group 9 so we walked around for a little while until we were called (a notification let us know from the app itself). Once we walked in to Galaxy’s Edge, it was filled with lines, lines, and more lines! We ended up walking around to see the differences between WDW and DL (which we went to a week prior to the WDW opening). We found that the entrance at Hollywood Studios is bigger, but everything else is smaller, everything else is pretty much identical!

Millennium Falcon (Photo taken at Disneyland)

Because we rode Smuggler’s Run a few times at Disneyland, with a wait time of 35 minutes or less, we decided to pass on the current wait time of 300 minutes.  Smuggler’s Run is an amazing ride, but personally, I would not wait more than 150 minutes!

One thing that caught my attention was seeing the characters roaming around the same way they do at Disneyland! This made me extremely happy because WDW doesn’t really allow it in most parks! I also noticed a few extra items, like alcoholic beverages, on every menu! The two things that really sets Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World apart from Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland is the weather and the amount of people. WDW will ALWAYS be more crowded than DL, but, there is not much we can do about it!

Rey Roaming around Batuu (Photo taken at Disneyland)

So, what are your thoughts on Galaxy’s Edge?! Have you gotten a chance to view the land? If you’re one of the few lucky people that have been to both, what do you like more than the other? Write me a comment below!

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